Comment 323 for bug 353126

Greg Michalec (greg-primate) wrote :

Unfortunately, I'm still seeing this issue in Oneric Beta 1.
Steps to reproduce:
1) log in to guest session
2) Enable Desktop Sharing
3) Open Remote Desktop Viewer
4) Open VNC connection to localhost:5900

You'll see the initial screen, and the mouse will move around, but no screen updates are made. If you repeat the steps abovem , but starting the guest session in 'Ubuntu 2D' mode, it will work as expected.

Obviously there is something incompatible between the VNC server and desktop compositing, but since Vino, Vinaigre, and Compiz are now all part of the default Ubuntu experience, it seems that the current situation will cause nothing but frustration for new users. Even if there is no programmatic solution, can't there be some sort of indication of why this won't work, or a best way to work around - i.e. maybe a notification in the Desktop Sharing preferences tool warning that sharing will not work unless you restart to a 2d session (if this is indeed the best/easiest solution).