Comment 40 for bug 313514

Lauri Niskanen (ape3000) wrote :

I have a Razer Tarantula USB keyboard. It is generally working fine and most of the multimedia keys are fully working. But some keys don't work.

Working multimedia keys: Sleep, Home, Player, Play, Stop, Next Song, Previous Song, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute

I ran input-events to see if it recognizes the key events. I pasted the output.

No events: Rotate, Zoom 100%, Shuffle
Not working but events were found: Zoom In, Zoom Out

So some of the keys that are not working in X did show an event. They do have a key code that is over 0x0ff. (0x1a2 and 0x1a3)

acpi_listen didn't see the key presses. I also pasted the part of xorg.log that shows messages about this device.