Comment 4 for bug 306735

Anton Keks (anton-azib) wrote :

Then, it seems that we need to file a proposal to the X guys for making a TMM-like interface that driver developers will need to implement? It seems that it will take lots of time considering the frequency of xorg releases, but at least this is what almost any Linux notebook user needs a lot.

As for a quicker workaround, it should be possible to use xrandr in custom scripts in Ubuntu (possibly having some white list of adapters/monitors), but it would produce crazy growing of the Xorg log, as was mentioned above. I am not sure how is it possible to avoid this logging, can Xorg/drivers be easily patched in order to skip logging in case of such polling?

Or maybe at least we could add a simple panel applet in Ubuntu that will detect connected outputs and set up cloning/change to the sane resolution via xrandr when clicked manually? At least this would simplify life of most users trying to set this up themselves each time they hook to a projector. Or this feature could be added to the existing tray icon that can be enabled from the gnome-display-properties.

The third variant seems pretty doable in very short time.