Comment 0 for bug 367455

Andy Walker (walkeraj) wrote :

Binary package hint: xfwm4

I'm running Xubuntu Jaunty after an upgrade, and I'm having some major problems with the default terminal app (xfce4-terminal). Namely that it's running slow and eating up cpu usage.

To test this, I opened an xterm window and put top in it. Then, I opened another xterm and an xfce4-terminal window. If I enter into the xterm and hold down enter, Xorg spikes to maybe 7% or 8% CPU usage. If I enter into the xfce4-terminal window and hold down enter, Xorg spikes to between 40% and 50% CPU usage and stays there until I release the enter key.

It is also slow to refresh and resize, unlike xterm. If I run top in xfce4-terminal and return to the window, it can take up to a full second to redraw.

Obviously, there is some sort of problem here.