Comment 19 for bug 447209

Frank Arnold (frog98146) wrote :

@Charlie Kravetz

Thank you for reopening this.

By the way I loaded this on a P4 1.6 ghz, 1g ram, 80g hd.

It loaded fine, installed to hard drive and it did the same thing. Rebooted and I got a error.
File not found.
Load Gump>

The drive acted as if it had no OS on it. Don't know if this it related to this same bug. Installed like 3 times and the same results.

Here is what I did.

1 Load CD
2 pick install
3 everything installs
4 boot from HD
5 everything loads to desk top
6 gets error
   Pop up opens with error)
     Sorry, XFCE Volume
     Daemon Closed
7 click to report
8 every thing works
9 close down PC
10 turn PC on get error
        File not found.
        Load Gump, Grip, grimp> something like that the file Linux is built on. Sorry I would load it again but don't want to have to load Win XP again.

I have to use this computer for my Business so I reloaded Win XP. will try again when the bug gets fixed I guess.

Ubuntu 8.4 and 10.04 is working fine on other computers and due boot on laptop. Hardly use win XP on laptop any more.

Hope You all can find a fix.