Comment 5 for bug 99927

I've encountered the same bug, but with a SiS 6326 instead of an i810. I just wrote about it in a comment (which I'm largely duplicating here) on bug #91849. And I do believe there may well be a bug in Xorg, in the X server (as well as any bug there might be in xfce4-terminal or elsewhere in Xfce).

I have a SiS 6326, rather than an i810, and xfce4-terminal in Xubuntu 7.04 crashes the X server. As my saved Xfce session included an xfce4-terminal window, it was a bit of a problem! So, via one of the virtual terminals, I installed Gnome as a temporary alternative. In one Gnome session, I opened an xfce4-terminal and the X server didn't crash. But when opened in Xfce, the X server does crash. The Gnome terminal doesn't crash the X server in either Gnome or Xfce.

I do believe there may well be a bug in Xorg, in the X server, as its log reported a "Fatal server error". (Just because the X server's crashed by xfce4-terminal and not Gnome's terminal doesn't mean there isn't a bug in Xorg. Bugs just don't have to be that well-behaved.) The tail end of the log is pasted at . Surely X clients such as xfce4-terminals should not be causing "Fatal server error"s and crashing the X server. It just looks like a bug in the X server to me, that xfce4-terminal under Xfce is managing to trigger.

Oh, and it's Xubuntu 7.04, the actual release, installed as a distribution upgrade to 6.10. (I did the upgrade two days ago, on the very day 7.04 was released.)