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Bug #1054299: Race condition in suspend scripts reveals desktop High Triaged 60 weeks

From: Martin Castillo
Link: 0001-Wait-for-lockcommand-to-exit-on-suspend-hibernate.patch


Bug #1802138: xflock4 needs a 'sleep 1' before 'xset dpms force off' to prevent backlight from immediately reactivating Undecided New 130 weeks

From: Chris Rainey
Link: xflock4.patch

sleep added.

Bug #1724196: xfce4-session doesn't check for reboot correctly Undecided New 185 weeks

From: Owen Dunn
Link: use-systemd-canreboot-etc

Patch to xfsm-systemd.c

Bug #1723119: xfce4-session fallback path is broken Undecided New 186 weeks

From: apport hater
Link: xfce-4.12_1_fix-fallback-shutdown.patch


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