[Edgy] & [Dapper] Built in Clock applet does not scale font

Bug #39830 reported by Craig Sampson on 2006-04-17
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xfce4-panel (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

I think the clock applet is a 'built in' applet that comes with the xfce4-panel.

Using the 'digital' option the font for displaying the time appears to be the system font. This is fine until the panel is adusted either very small (<26) or rather large (say >44).

With either small or large panel, the font size used does not scale with the panel size and either stops the panel getting any smaller or looks 'wrong' against a large panel.

My own interest is in relation to very small panels. I've posted a couple of other reports already whereby I notice that in many cases one or another applet will stop the panel from getting too small (non scalable icons or other problems) whilst those applets _with_ scalable icons continue to shrink away.

Perhaps a limit > than current should be placed on the panel?


Gauvain Pocentek (gpocentek) wrote :

Craig, does it still happen with the courant panel?

Changed in xfce4-panel:
status: Unconfirmed → Needs Info
Craig Sampson (ubuntu-psi-aus) wrote :

Hello Gauvain,

Yes, it appears that nothing has changed with relation to this visual problem.

Once you reduce the panel to 26 the vertical size will not decrease any further (visually) whilst the clock is shown. The panel adjustment allows for a size as small as 16 pixels, but it seems of no use so long as at least one of several (problem) applets are in use.

Other applets which cause similar problems are:

System load monitor
Battery monitor

Mostly the icons and applets used on the panel scale really well and don't lose their proportions with relation to each other, there are a few however (such as those above) which don't play nice and either don't scale well, or don't scale at all.

This 'bug' report is probably better classified as a 'wish report' because nothing I am reporting is truly broken just looks 'strange'.


Craig Sampson (ubuntu-psi-aus) wrote :

Just an additional note that this annoyance still exists on Edgy. Minimum pixel size of the panel is apparently 24 with the clock applet running using the 'digital' option.

If you choose analog then there is no problem, panel will reduce to its minimum size (16 pixels) and scales well to its maximum.

Digital display acts rather strangely. When moving from size 34 down to 32 there is no perceivable change in clock size , and panel does not adjust in size either. Going from 32 to 30 there is a quite a large jump in the visual size of the clock and the panel. The same type of pattern happens when going from 24 down to 22 (no change) then 22 down to 20 - big change....18 then 16 offers no change in size whatever.

Paul Dufresne (paulduf) wrote :

Hi! I am a bug triager making a follow-up on this bug.
Do you know if it still happens in 7.04? In Gutsy Tribe-2?
Anyway, I think this bug have been forgotten already too long in 'Incomplete' state, making it 'Confirmed'
even if I just asked news.

Changed in xfce4-panel:
status: Incomplete → Confirmed

Any news on this Craig ?

Changed in xfce4-panel:
status: Confirmed → Incomplete
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

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