Comment 24 for bug 997470

Thank you,
I will certainly do this if and when the problem reappears. Now on
12.10, and things are slightly different.

No problem with boot, but serious trouble that is superficially similar
to the boot problems on resume from suspend with 2 X sessions active.
The same popups, but now they mean business :-).

On 2012-10-26 05:48, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> is just a script that gets run when udev
> detects a GPU fault. I am not able to reproduce any of the problems
> people are reporting, but probably that's because I do not get GPU
> faults on my hardware.
> The fix I uploaded is to stop installing the udev rule that triggers
> running /usr/share/apport/
> See `man udevadm` for tips on examining your udev rules. I can't find
> on my systems anywhere that this script is being hooked in. But perhaps
> in certain corner cases it's still present. You can use udevadm to
> identify where it's hooked in. If it shows up there, let me know what
> you find, and that may give me more clues on how to fix this better.
> If you don't care to have a proper fix, and just want to eliminate the
> behavior on your system locally, just delete /usr/share/apport/apport-
> and it should stop bothering you (at least until your
> system updates and re-installs that file).