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Bug #1823689: xdg-email fails to attach filesnames with a comma "," to thunderbird Low Triaged 175 weeks

From: Alex Hofmann
Link: xdg-email.diff


Bug #1266882: xdg-screensaver uses gnome-screensaver even if xscreensaver is running Low Confirmed 448 weeks

From: Jarno Suni
Link: patch.txt

The patch to xdg-screensaver aims to fix the bug and additionally uses more general way to detect, if gnome-screensaver is installed or if xscreensaver is running.

Bug #335643: xdg-utils incorrectly parses output, causing wrong output Low Triaged 701 weeks

From: Matthew Flaschen
Link: xdg-mime_fixes_and_test.patch

Fixes bugs and creates test.

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