Comment 1 for bug 408350

Kenny Schiff (kschiff) wrote :

Binary package hint: xdg-utils

At some point the email as pdf function in gscan2pdf that uses xdg-email broke. No matter what I do, I get the following type of error when I try to use this function. We were able to isolate that this error happens when I invoke xdg-email from the command line. I’m running version 1.0.2-6.1 of the xdg-utils

You cannot attach the file `%2Ftmp%2Fh17t6kRlw9%2FyFtdIpxnYs.pdf' to this message.
Cannot attach file %2Ftmp%2Fh17t6kRlw9%2FyFtdIpxnYs.pdf: No such file or directory