Comment 21 for bug 211710

If you are getting messages in English, it sounds like you are having a locale issue unrelated to the patch.

Tutorials were always displayed correctly even without the patch, because they don't use gettext but instead have their own message catalog format. This catalog is read directly from the file so it is already in the correct encoding (Latin 1 or 2) before it is displayed on screen. Menus, dialogs, and other messages are localized using gettext, which always returns strings encoded in whatever encoding is specified by your locale, regardless of the original encoding. On modern systems, this is usually UTF-8. Since the xaos text engine doesn't handle UTF-8, it tries to interpret the strings it receives from gettext as Latin 1 or Latin 2, depending on the language, and that is where the garbled characters come from. The patch converts the text received from gettext back to Latin 1 or Latin 2 before passing them to the text engine.

What is your LANG variable set to? The setting for LANG that worked for me is:

export LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8

Please make sure that you use this setting exactly, since I don't know if LANG=fr will work or not.

Also, after I installed support for the additional languages, I rebooted my system. I don't know if this is strictly necessary but you might want to give it a try.