Comment 1 for bug 388388

The most recent relevant change now appears to be from 11 Nov:;a=commit;h=b28d98bbc3174e6f38caea49a7c545204e3930d3

(Fix 10l in weightp on ARM)

Can the relevant updates be pulled in for lucid?

Note that x264 doesn't appear to have any runtime detection for the availability of NEON yet, so 2 flavours will need to be built (in the same way as is currently done for the ffmpeg-debian package). NEON is built in by default unless CFLAGS contains explicit -march, -mfpu options: to get vanilla binaries which will run across all ARMv7 implementations, you would need to configure with CFLAGS='-march=armv7-a' (or change the configure script).