Comment 2 for bug 1078695

cwsnyder (carlwsnyder) wrote :

I found a fix for the 'failed to get size of gamma for output default' which was causing the problems keeping the higher resolutions from being used.

In using xrandr according to the guide to add higher resolutions and xrandr returns the gamma error, I was able to fix the problem by adding --gamma 1:1:1 to the xrandr --output line, as follows:
xrandr --output default --gamma 1:1:1 --mode 1280x1024
where xrandr returns the output name as default, and the modename is from a newly defined, higher resolution mode.

I got this to work properly with my Etronix 1701B 1280x1024 pixel 17" LCD monitor from an Ubuntu 13.04 virtual machine which was reporting the gamma problem and display name 'default', with a Bodhi 2.0 virtual machine and a Bodhi 2.0 Live CD, all three exhibiting the 'default' display and 'failed to get size of gamma for output default'.

The display does not immediately resize, but the new mode can be chosen from the arandr GUI. After selection, when the dialog box pops up, I select to keep that selection. On the next log out or restart, the default is at 1280x1024 as selected before, even at the login screen and at the desktop.

Note: several modes greater than the previous 1024x768 maximum were also allowed, including modes which actually exceded the maximum of my monitor.

I think this bug report can be closed, with proper documentation.