Comment 17 for bug 1501588

For starters, if you're seeing this message: "l2_packet_send - sendto: Message too long", it likely means that you're hitting that MTU problem with NM, which has been fixed already as pointed out by Christian.

If you're hitting *any other* problem, please file *your own* bug, using the following command:

ubuntu-bug wpa

That way we will be able to look at each issue independently, and really untangle things. Otherwise it's nearly impossible to make sense of potentially many different issues in the same bug. The key is, one person, one bug, even if it looks the same to you, it doesn't mean it really is the same thing as someone else wrote in a comment.

It's a bit more involved than just the MTU issue. There indeed looks like there are some issues in wpasupplicant 2.4; but until separate bugs are filed, it's going to be really hard to fix them. Thanks to Jean-Louis for pointing out the Arch bug, which also links to and which are some of the relevant details to usual issues with 2.4. Once we have separate bugs filed against wpa for the various problems, we'll be able to solve them.