Comment 46 for bug 111061

Endolith (endolith) wrote :

Hints in the package separate from the theme would be nice. A list of colors ain't enough, though, since users can change the system colors and the theme may or may not change components' colors accordingly.

Gecko/Firefox/Mozilla tries to guess these colors, too (nsLookAndFeel.cpp), and doesn't do a very good job, either. There are probably other places they are used.

Since themes can do whatever they want with GTK's colors, what would be best, I think, is if there were a standard interface built into the theme engines(?) themselves that would output these lists of colors, as they are currently configured, when asked. The CSS2 standard includes a few extra "ThreeD" colors, but is otherwise pretty much the same list of colors as Windows/Wine. (

Even with a real Wine theming engine made to match the widgets and decorations of the GTK theme, do you still need to get the color information separately?