Comment 23 for bug 111061


We've been learning a thing or three about the subject lately, and here's
what we've found.

/usr/share/gconf/defaults/ is where the original defaults come from. It gets
copied to the users' home directories when the users log in the first time.

The gnome-color-chooser application creates a separate file which overrides
the particular user's default settings. Making some changes with
gnome-color-chooser and then reading the resulting file should be
instructive on finding which key/variable pairs you need to read.

The gconf-editor package is a graphical interface to gconf, and it may also
be of assistance.

python-gconf contains the bindings that allow you to work with gconf in
python. (KDE's wine configuration tool is written in python, if my memory
serves me correctly. )

Happy trails,

Loye Young

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 9:37 PM, Endolith <email address hidden> wrote:

> I tried to write a script to update the colors based on Gnome, but I
> give up. I can't figure out how to read them from various places, or
> when I do read them, they don't match the actual colors. It works
> somewhat for some themes. See
> --
> Wine use Windows colors instead of Ubuntu colors
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