Comment 4 for bug 555403

jhansonxi (jhansonxi) wrote :

I agree that the default configuration of wicd and Network Manager daemons conflict in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx). I don't agree that this is a package conflict. The two are not duplicates of functionality in one way - text mode interface.

Currently Ubuntu Recovery Mode has an option to run a package repair (the "dpkg" entry). It requires network access to be useful. The only network option is "netroot" which just runs dhclient. That is sufficient if you have a wired connection but it's useless with wireless. Network Manager doesn't have an equivalent to wicd-curses.

What is needed is a configuration option to run EITHER wicd OR network-manager daemons at specific runlevels. This means changes to the wicd init script and network-manager Upstart jobs, possibly needing Upstart profiles support.