Comment 3 for bug 555403

gregrwm (gregrwm) wrote :

iirc when i first installed lucid/lubuntu/wicd not long ago it was not available via ubuntu repos, i installed via ppa. now lubuntu is available via ubuntu repos. i confirm as of last week lubuntu-desktop via ubuntu repos *requires* network-manager, and adding wicd does not remove nm. i remove nm manually. then if i add ubuntu-desktop or edubuntu-desktop-kde nm is again required (and i remove it again). my problem now is that wicd starts seemingly too early and fails, syslog says "dhclient: Bind socket to interface: No such device", leaving me to start wicd manually, which does work. if i launch a desktop or wicd-curses first, wicd won't be running yet, and the client will require a password to launch it.