Comment 0 for bug 1668699

Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

Start the Web Browser app.
Right-click on its icon in Unity's Dash (the strip on the left side of the screen).
There are two custom Actions: "Open a New Window" and "Open a New Private Window".

I propose that the "Open a " prefix be dropped.

This provides greater consistency with other apps which just use "New Window" or "New Document" Actions. Examples include epiphany-browser, gedit, LibreOffice and Nautilus.

In GNOME Shell, Actions show in the Activities Overview. GNOME Shell includes a default "New Window" action. So in GNOME Shell, the actions shown include the duplicate "New Window" and "Open a New Window". (Note that an explicit "New Window" shortcut does not duplicate the default "New Window" in GNOME Shell as long as the action is named new-window.)

See also bug 1668664 for Firefox.