Comment 41 for bug 1590561

Santosh (santoshbit2007) wrote :

summarising the apparmor fixes for issue.

Issue 1: WebBrowser-app crash on zesty/unity8/[intel, readon]
   Fix: Adding apparmor access to
         "/sys/devices/pci[0-9]*/**/config r,"

Issue 2: WebBrowser-app crash on xenail/unity7/nvidia
   Fix: Adding apparmor access to

  For the ibus denial you need:
   #include <abstractions/ibus>

  For nvidia, you need:
  #include <abstractions/nvidia>
  @{PROC}/driver/nvidia/params r,
  /dev/nvidia* rw,
  unix (send, receive) type=dgram peer=(addr="@nvidia[0-9a-f]*"),

I plan to raise bug to add these in webbrowser-app profile,