[SRU] Update WALinuxAgent to 2.5.0

Bug #1957079 reported by Valters Jansons
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walinuxagent (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

This release contains both bug-fixes and new features and we would like to make sure all of our supported customers have access to these improvements.

See the changelog entry below for a list of changes.

[Test Case]
The following development and SRU process was followed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/walinuxagentUpdates

The Microsoft Azure Linux Agent team will execute their testsuite, which includes extension testing , against the walinuxagent that is in -proposed. A successful run will be required before the proposed walinuxagent can be let into -updates.

The CPC team will be in charge of attaching a summary of testing to the bug. CPC team members will not mark 'verification-done' until this has happened.

[Pre-SRU Test Cases]
1.) Launch instance on Azure
2.) Upgrade walinuxagent (usually from PPA)
3.) Confirm that "waagent" is running, check /var/log/waagent.log for errors
4.) Reboot, repeat step 3

[SRU Test Cases]
1.) Build new cloud image with -proposed package
2.) Boot instance
3.) Confirm that instance provisioned
4.) Run standard tests and regression tests
5.) Repeat from step 2 for all other Azure VM Sizes.

[Change Log]
Current published release (v2.2.46) was officially released 15 Jan 2020. During the subsequent approx two year period there have been multiple intermediate releases, often with lengthy change logs.

- Refactoring GoalState class out of Protocol, making Protocol thread-safe, removing stale dependencies of Protocol and removing the dependency on the file system to read the Protocol info
- Adding and improving log messages and adding thread names to each logline
- Improving agent status reporting
- Provisioning Agent changes
- Other fixes

- Improvements in cgroups
- Testing and dev-infra improvements
- Documentation improvements
- Logging and telemetry improvements
- Extension workflow improvements
- Other

- Major bug fixes
- New features/improvements
  * Add API for uploading logs via host plugin
  * Fixed delays for HTTP retries rather than exponential delays
- Documentation changes
- Other fixes

- Bug fixes
- New features and improvements
  * Recreate handler environment file on service startup
  * Add log collection tool and thread
  * Thread interface
  * Verify that the CPU and Memory cgroups for the agent are properly initialized; disabled cgroups if they are not active
- Telemetry and logging improvements
- Documentation updates
- Testing and code quality improvements

- Extension Telemetry Pipeline as a private-preview feature

- New Features and Improvements
  * PA changes to check cloud-init
  * log collector
  * cgroups CPU percentage py processor count
  * Parse InVMGoalStateMetaData from Extension Config
  * iscsi disk support for agent configs
  * Add support for VMs with multiple IB devices
  * Python 3.9 support
  * Add support for CBL-Mariner distro
  * Enable Provisioning.MonitorHostName for Ubuntu
  * Added supportedFeatures flag in status reporting
  * Parse ext runtime settings
  * GHA merge validation
  * Cgroups improvements
  * renamed the eventsFolder variable for preview and enabled ETP
  * Agent slice and custom unit files telemetry
  * Make IPoIB interface online
  * Add option to disable NetworkConfigurationChanges
  * Log network configuration on service start
  * Setup persistent firewall rules on service restart
- Bug Fixes

- New Features
  * Enforce CPUQuota on agent
  * Add support for RequiredFeatures and GoalStateAggregateStatus APIs
  * Added fallback locations for extension manifests
- Bug fixes
- Logging improvements
- Test improvements

- revert for reducing the time window where we restart the network interfaces of the VM

- New Features
  * Support for Multi config
- Bug Fixes
- Logging improvements
- Test improvements

- New Features and improvements
  * Enable Extension Telemetry Pipeline
  * Enable Periodic Log Collection in systemd distros
  * Implement InitialGoalStatePeriod parameter + improvements in logging goal state processing
  * Fix operation name in InitializeHostPlugin event
  * Mock systemctl stop cmd
  * Report transitioning when status file not found
  * Dont create default status file for Single-Config extensions
  * Do not create placeholder status file for AKS extensions
  * Save waagent_status to history folder and add additional details to the status file
  * Rename Debug.FetchVmSettings to Debug.EnableFastTrack
  * Update HostGAplugin headers before fetching vmSettings
  * Handle HTTP GONE in vmSettings request
  * Added log statements to debug issues in vmSettings API
  * Remove reference to re.IGNORECASE
  * Add and remove extension slice
  * FastTrack changes
  * Helper to handle exception message
  * Remove trailing spaces from command name
  * Add debug info for systemd-run false positives
  * Onboard redhat82, ubuntu20
  * Allow systemd-run in the Agent's cgroup
  * Use handler status if extension status is None
  * Bug Fix :Define ExtensionsSummary.ne
- Test improvements

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