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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) wrote :

Some similar Ubuntu 10.10 i cannot have X starting so i try to send report with w3m i cannot made access to launchpad
with my user and password seems w3m don't accept it i cannot confirm with enter or other keyboard keys and openid "continue" link stay into an disable state, cannot select and push enter so i cannot send crash report in cui mode.

FYI I'm using a local cntlm proxy to get access to my corporate network proxy.
Tried also lynx but i cannot get a secure connection to launchpad.

Tried to copy /var/crash report via scp on a working Ubuntu 10.04 and tried to send crash report using it but ubuntu-bug tell me on some report i have no the package (the crash related package that i'm tring to send) installed.

Thank you