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Bug #275089: No Shift+Click in xvnc4viewer Undecided Confirmed 254 weeks

From: Ben Swartzlander
Link: lp-bug275089.patch


Bug #123631: vncviewer -listen allows connections from UltraVNC SC clients, but doesn't display the window Undecided Confirmed 310 weeks

From: Q
Link: rfbproto.patch

change "server_minor >= 8" to "server_minor == 8" at line 241

Bug #257724: vnc4server startup script error Low Triaged 553 weeks

From: Eddy Mulyono
Link: deb.diff

debdiff xinit_1.0.9-2 xinit_1.0.9-2ubuntu1~ppa1

Bug #119982: amd64 vncconfig crashes Undecided Incomplete 581 weeks

From: Dossy Shiobara
Link: vnc4-amd64-vncconfig-bug-119982.patch

Patch to vnc4 for Gutsy

Bug #112955: vino (vnc) keyboard mapping problem Low Confirmed 618 weeks

From: Sebastien Bacher
Link: 90_from_svn_fix_keyboard_mapping_bug.patch

patched used to fix the bug

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