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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

As discussed we are back after some time. Feedback on making one of the forks the new upstream was good, see [1].

In the discussion it came up that the fork [2] is willing to check on issues and provide fixes as good as possible. And recently activity looks good [3].
E.g. bug 994199 got an update and would be fixed.
@Chris and Emilian - as you offered, please continue to pass through the bugs at [4] and update those that you have a fix for in your repo. That way we know what an upload actually addresses.

@Serge - you offered help to upload those to Dev and SRU, would you still be willing to do so?
If so, I think you can now start at any time. Assuming you are still open to do so I'll set this bug here to "Opinion" as we will not remove vmbuilder and will assign bug 994199 to you.

Further on the formerly identified referring packages we have ubuntu-virt-mgmt which was already dropped in Artful. But also we have sandbox-upgrader and auto-upgrade-tester.
Both are broken for quite some time and it seems all former users no more use them. Therefore those shall be removed - they still exist upstream in their old form but have no reason to be carried along in a semi-broken way.
I subscribed ~ubunut-archive so these removals can be considered.

- for that will from now on be considered "the upstream" is [3]
- Serge (hopefully) will upload fixes to Artful and SRU from there
- Archive admins to remove sandbox-upgrader in artful
- Archive admins auto-upgrade-tester in artful