Comment 12 for bug 402018

I can confirm this with an Intel ICH10 controler:
00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller

Jaunty started to show choppy audio during the summer (can't remember exactly what time), but it's still not to the levels of choppiness Karmic achieves.

The problem doesn't seem to appear with Totem (or very rarely), however Totem doesn't achieve a smooth display on a Q9450 (movies display as smooth as if they were about 10FPS). SMPlayer and MPlayer don't suffer from that problem (except at some odd times, usually when you really want to see a movie and both VLC and Totem have choppy audio), but in Karmic they often start stopping after 1 second of normal play (sound&video OK) when you've skipped to any point in the video, and won't be able to display more than 1 second of video each time you skip to another point in the video, till you restart the application and make a point not to navigate in the video anymore.

CPU utilization is just fine, no more than 25% on each core with VLC, with no spikes, either in Window mode or in fullscreen. Drivers are Nvidia 185.