Comment 0 for bug 1615363

Image: ubuntu-mate-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso

DISCLAIMER: I did this in a Virtualbox VM (5.1.2, and then tried 5.1.4). I am not able to test this natively, due to lack of appropriate hardware, but I don't think it matters that it's in a VM.

Reproduction steps:
(to make the process faster, I recommend you disconnect the network)
-Start the installer, and select "Install Ubuntu MATE". Go through default options, except when specified.
-At the Installation Type step (partition dialog), select Something Else
-Configure a single partition table with a single primary/logical partition mounted on root (ie the default settings), then select Install Now. Accept the warning saying you have not selected any swap space. Write the changes to disk, and proceed.
-When installation has completed, reboot the system as instructed
-When the system boots, you will get completely corrupted (see attachment mate-corrupted-graphics.png)

-If I install and use the default partitioning scheme ("Erase disk and install Ubuntu MATE"), which does contain a swap partition, then the OS boots just fine
-If I select "Try Ubuntu MATE" during install, I get a working, high-res desktop