virt-manager 1:1.3.2-3ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


virt-manager (1:1.3.2-3ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * Merge from Debian. Remaining changes: (LP: #1556671)
    - debian/control:
        + Depend on gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1 for appindicator support.
        + Add lsb-release to Build-Depends so we can detect whether we're
          running on Ubuntu or Debian.
        + Change Recommends to libvirt-bin instead of libvirt-daemon-system
          which isn't available in Ubuntu
    - debian/rules:
        + Set qemu user to libvirt-qemu so appropriate permissions get set.
        + Set the preferred distro so we appear first in the list.
        + Remove data/gschemas.compiled generated by clean.
    - d/p/virtinst/9006_fix_path_to_qemu-dm.patch: drop the full path from
      qemu-dm as already done for hvmloader and pygrub. The Xen tools will
      handle this and add the missing path.
    - d/p/more_helpful_error_message.patch: explain to the user why
      connecting to qemu:///system failed and how to fix it.
    - d/p/use_ubuntu_package_names.patch: Suggest installing the packages
      that are actually available in Ubuntu.
    - d/p/leave-mnemonics-alone-on-focus-change.patch: Leave
      gtk-enable-mnemonics setting alone under Unity when windows change
    - d/p/mark-libvirt-lxc: Clearly mark the LXC connections as being
      libvirt-lxc, to avoid confusion due to differing features and
    - d/p/add_qemu_binaries.patch: add the actual binary name from the qemu
      packages so default hypervisor detection works properly on first run.
    - d/p/use_qxl_for_ubuntu.patch: use qxl by default for Ubuntu VMs, it
      seems to work better than vmvga now.
    - d/p/prefer-qemu.patch: Prefer QEMU as the default URI, even if it's
      not installed.
    - d/p/virtinst/dont_disable_vmport.patch: Don't disable vmport even if
      we're using spice, as this prevents having a seamless mouse when
      using Ubuntu as a guest.

virt-manager (1:1.3.2-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * [2ebfe49] Switch from urlgrabber to requests.
    Thanks to Adel Belhouane (Closes: #819494)
  * [b1ee5b4] Invoke virt-* on autopkg test to check for missing imports
  * [777d781] Add missing dependency on python-gi catched by the autopkg test

virt-manager (1:1.3.2-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Upload to unstable
  * [8a27ee8] Fix spice availability detection
    gi.require_version('SpiceClientGtk', '3.0') raises ValueError if
    SpiceClientGtk is not installed so we never see ImportError. Check for
    both in case the module is there but the symbol went missing.
    Thanks: Adel Belhouane for the patch
    (Closes: #799771)

virt-manager (1:1.3.2-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  * [74c0cce] Move python-ipaddr dependency from virt-manager to virtinst
    (Closes: #803469)
  * [b6de3ae] New upstream version 1.3.2
  * [1935c7d] Use README.source template from gbp
  * [203bfe9] Rediff patches
  * [1b96d13] gbp.conf: Use upstream/latest as upstream branch as recommended
    by DEP-14
  * [6a2a8a1] Use secure and canical VCS URLs
  * [b54e442] Pass --no-update-icon-cache --no-compile-schemas since these are
    run via dpkg triggers on installation. Invoke directly due to

 -- Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden>  Thu, 31 Mar 2016 17:32:42 -0400

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virt-manager: desktop application for managing virtual machines

 It presents a summary view of running domains and their live performance &
 resource utilization statistics. A detailed view presents graphs showing
 performance & utilization over time. Ultimately it will allow creation of new
 domains, and configuration & adjustment of a domain's resource allocation &
 virtual hardware. Finally an embedded VNC client viewer presents a full
 graphical console to the guest domain.
 NOTE: the GUI is still considered experimental.

virtinst: Programs to create and clone virtual machines

 Virtinst is a set of commandline tools to create virtual machines using
 virt-install: provision new virtual machines
 virt-clone: clone existing virtual machines
 virt-image: create virtual machines from an image description
 virt-convert: convert virtual machines between formats