Comment 4 for bug 512679

Jens Gräf (jgraef) wrote :

1. Start virt-manager
2. Connect to localhost://system (qemu)
3. Double-Click the xp vm
4. Select virtual-machine -> run from the menu
5. Wait until vmware is started
6. Select view->fullscreen from the menu

If I select view->fullscreen while the vm is booting, it works fine as the vm is not yet at full desktop resulution (xp boots in 640 x 480 I think). But leaving and re-entering full screen (via view -> fullscreen) brings back the trouble again.

Another note: I use a wrapper script for kvm to enable widescreen-resolutions:

exec /usr/bin/kvm.orig $@ -vga std

Otherwise I wouldn't be able to drive 1440x900 as the default driver can't handle this resolution.