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Jason Toffaletti (jason) wrote :

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vino cpu hog

I restarted my machine after an upgrade and now vino-server is running
correctly. It definitely wasn't before. I checked not only ps aux | grep vino,
but also netstat --tcp --listening -p and I tried connecting from several
different machines. And like I originally said, running vino-server from the
command line would work fine.

Now the problem appears to be disabling Remote Desktop. When I turn sharing off
vino-server is still running and when I connect to it with tsclient,
vino-server starts taking up 100% cpu. When I killall -9 vino-server, it comes
right back with a new pid and does the same thing even though sharing is off.

I'm attaching a log of my terminal session that will hopefully shed some light
on this new problem.