Comment 2 for bug 1458005

5a54a (5a54a) wrote :

Bug is still valid for Ubuntu Gnome 16.04. Enabling "Screen Sharing" in control center does not activate Vino VNC server. Activating Vino VNC server by terminal "vino-preferemces" and selecting "Allow others users to view/control desktop" also does not work. Same by opening dconf editor (org/gnome/desktop/remote acces) checking "enabled" does not start vino.

Only solution that did work for me:
- Everytime after a restart following command by terminal: "/usr/lib/vino/vino-server"
- Automatic start Vino: add "/usr/lib/vino/vino-server" to Startup Applications Preferences.

Did cost me some time to solve this. Hope this (duplicate) bug (and orginal bug #1518813) will be solved as this seems very user friendly.

(Added my comment to this bug as I found this a much better description of the issue than description with #1518813. Maybe even add "VNC" to the description? I think other users will find this (temporary) solution therefor quicker.)