Vim syntax highlighting doesn't have "Breaks"

Bug #498303 reported by Ted Gould on 2009-12-18
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vim (Ubuntu)

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Binary package hint: vim

For Debian package control files there is no "Breaks" support.

Ted Gould (ted) wrote :

I'm attaching this as a patch, I can't figure out how to get this upstream. :(

The latest version upstream (as of today) of file runtime/syntax/depcontrol.vim
which I downloaded with...

 rsync -avzcP --delete --exclude="dos" --exclude="spell" .

... does does not contain the Breaks keyword indeed.

Looking at
I see that the "Tag" keyword may also be missing.

File runtime/syntax/depcontrol.vim contains the email of its maintainer at the
top (I'm not going to repeat the email here).

-> Can you email your patch to its maintainer? It's best to CC the vim_use mailing list too:

I see that the last update in the official file is "2009 July 14" so
this file is actively maintained.

On Sat, 2009-12-19 at 04:10 +0000, dominiko wrote:
> -> Can you email your patch to its maintainer? It's best to CC the
> vim_use mailing list too:

Done. I'm not sure about Tags I didn't play with that one. :) Though,
I'm guessing others would use that control field.

Michael Bienia (geser) wrote :

I've included this patch in my merge (see bug #509900) which waits on sponsoring.

Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

It's correct to leave out Tags, I feel - it shouldn't normally be set in the package itself, but (in Debian) is handled by a separate debtags system and archive overrides.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (3.3 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package vim - 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu1

vim (2:7.2.330-1ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

  [ Michael Bienia ]
  * Merge with Debian unstable (LP: #509900):
    - Highlight Breaks in debian/control (LP: #498303).
    - [7.2.257] GTK 2.17: lots of assertion error messages (LP: #402188).
  * Remaining changes:
    - debian/runtime/vimrc: "syntax on" is a sane default for non-tiny vim.
    - runtime/syntax/debcontrol.vim:
      + Add "metapackages" to the list of valid sections.
    - runtime/syntax/grub.vim:
      + Add Ubuntu-specific 'quiet' keyword.
    - Drop vim-lesstif package and lesstif2-dev build-dependency.
    - Enable Python interpreter on basic builds.
    - Rename Vcs-* to XS-Debian-Vcs-*.
  * runtime/ftplugin/debchangelog.vim: Use python-launchpadlib (and LP API)
    instead of python-launchpad-bugs for bug completion for Ubuntu
    (forwarded to Debian as bug #566841).
  * src/, src/auto/configure:
    As MODLIBS from python's config/Makefile includes LOCALMODLIBS which
    shouldn't be used and breaks the build with newer python versions, use
    BASEMODLIBS instead of MODLIBS (forwarded to Debian as bug #566842;
    LP: #534251).

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Add Launchpad integration to the Help menu if launchpad-integration is
    installed (LP: #453103).

vim (2:7.2.330-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * [34a85b6] Update README for patches 285 - 330
    - [1aee41b] [7.2.294] when using TEMPDIRS dir name could get too long
      (Closes: #544682)
    - [f3ea2c2] [7.2.300] file descriptors not closed when executing external
      command (Closes: #290507)
    - [f3ce928] [7.2.324] a negative column argument in setpos() may cause a
      crash (Closes: #563071)
  * [fd76420] Sync runtime files
    - NetRW updated to handle 'equalalways' being set, but window sizes not
      being equal. (Closes: #346089)
  * debian/control:
    - [49f131e] Add Depends: ${misc:Depends} to all binary stanzas.
    - [8973628] Bump Standards-Version, no changes required
    - [12ac9a3] Remove Pierre Habouzit from Uploaders.

vim (2:7.2.284-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * syntax/debcontrol.vim:
    - [b997413] Add highlighting of Breaks field (Closes: #541989)
    - [05a38bf] Recognize lpia and kopensolaris-i386. (Closes: #543207)
  * [a85b832] Update README for patches 246 - 259
    - [669e098] [7.2.256] GTK font dialog doesn't have a default when
      'guifont' not set (Closes: #307158)
    - [f4ed8fc] [7.2.257] GTK 2.17: lots of assertion error messages (Closes:
  * [83583c3] Add Ubuntu's next release, lucid, to the Debian-related runtime
  * [87f3b00] update-runtime: Use -A option for git-add so deleted files
    are committed.
  * [60cbb45] Sync runtime files
    - Updated remind.vim syntax file. (Closes: #536770)
    - Fix typos in Japanese vimtutor. (Closes: #539577)
  * [96dca67] Move html docs from /u/s/d/vim-common/html to /u/s/d/vim-
  * [9fec1cd] Use usr_toc.html for the usermanual Index page.
  * [fbacb18] Update README for patches 268 - 284
    - [76d3dad] [7.2.283] GTK: changing font doesn't keep the window maximized
      (Closes: #466088)
  * [6e51684] debsour...


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