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Martynas Budriūnas (mbudriunas) wrote :

Binary package hint: vim

I'm using VIM 7.1.138 (netrw v109) on Ubuntu 8.04.
The fastest way to see this bug happening seems to be this:
1) Start vim, type :e ftp://<email address hidden>//path/to/existing/file
2) Entering the password – file content appears in the buffer.
3) Type :w
4) Type :sp ftp://<email address hidden>//path/to/NOT/existing/file

What happens after this is:
1) 2 new buffers are opened: the first one says '/path/to/NOT/existing/file: No such file or directory', and the second is the buffer for that file. You can edit that buffer and save it, so a new file is created on the server.
2) The old buffer which had the contents of ftp://<email address hidden>//path/to/existing/file is empty.

I expect that the second consequence above is a bug. If I was in a middle of editing in one buffer and opened another which would create a new file, all my work on the first one is lost - it's impossible to undo any changes, it says 'Already at oldest change', and the old buffer is cleared and not saved on the server.