Comment 8 for bug 113227

I don't know a lot about how mouse handling is done in console
applications, but this is definitely application-specific. The latest
screen from unstable (4.0.3-0.3+b1) _will_ pass mouse clicks to
links/elinks in gnome-terminal. It will not, however, pass mouse clicks
to vim. For example, try opening a buffer in vim, and then
entering :tabe some_new_file in command mode. This will bring up a small
tab at the top of the terminal showing all of the vim tabs open. Outside
of a screen environment, it is possible to click these tabs to switch
buffers. Within screen, clicking the tabs produces no effects
whatsoever. Likewise, it is not possible to use the mouse wheel to
scroll through a text buffer in vim when vim is being run through

It seems to me that there must be (at least) two separate ways to do
mouse events in a terminal, and screen is only handling one of them
correctly. I think we need a console programming guru to come in and
explain what is going on, and hopefully submit a patch so that screen
can handle the broken cases correctly.