[SRU] Update to vala 0.40.15 in bionic

Bug #1803136 reported by Rico Tzschichholz on 2018-11-13
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vala (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

The 0.40.x series is maintained as LTS release and will receive further bug fix releases in the future. See https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/Vala

Previous 0.40.8 SRU https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1782122

Falls under the standing GNOME SRU execption

Upstream changes since 0.40.8:

Vala 0.40.15
 * Various improvements and bug fixes:
  - Mark defined constructors of abstract classes as protected
  - codegen:
    + Use guint to represent flags-enum in custom GMarshalFunc
    + Move disconnect error from signal-module to semantic-analyzer pass
    + Use unsigned default value for flags-enum
    + Always assign original variable when consuming instance to destroy [#781]
    + Resolve generics in sizeof-expression of parameter initializer
    + Move implicit GValue cast for comparison to BinaryExpression [#585063]
  - girparser: Create correct output in get_default_lower_case_suffix() [#778]
  - parser: Improve source_reference of expressions and statements
  - vala: Variadic parameters are not supported for async methods
  - vala: Allow assignment of 0U to enum types
  - vala: Use global CodeContext to retrieve root_symbol
  - libvaladoc:
    + Don't try to create a Content.ListItem when there is none
    + Handle missing Content.List.Bullet.ORDERED in switch
    + Handle missing Run.Style.NONE in switch

 * Bindings:
  - libgvc: Some additions and ownership/return-type fixes
  - glib-2.0: Don't annotate dedicated GLib.assert_*() with [Assert] [#769]
  - pango: Fix StringBuilder parameter of scan_word()
  - gobject-introspection-1.0: Fix TypeInfo and TypeTag method references [#778]
  - gstreamer-1.0: Fix TypeFind and TypeFindFactory method references [#778]

Vala 0.40.14
 * Various improvements and bug fixes:
  - codegen:
    + Replace some unfortunate asserts with internal error reports
    + Properly handle and catch inner-error of finally-block (#742)
    + Pass lambda expression of variable initializer to signal connect
    + Respect array_length_cname attribute for global fields
  - vala:
 + Check inferred variable_type of LocalVariables
 + Parser doesn't ensure "protected" to be applied on TypeSymbol members
  - girparser: Correctly set array_length_type for delegates returning an array
  - girwriter:
    + Support transfer-ownership="container" for arrays
    + Always use get_gir_name() for TypeSymbols
  - libvaladoc:
    + Don't change the size of an array in-parameter
    + Properly support the output of async constructors (#753)
  - valadoc: Report warning if resources for doclet could not be copied
  - g-i: Fix return value on error in start_discriminator()

 * Bindings:
  - clutter-1.0: Drop deprecated from Actor.pick() (#625)
  - gdk-3.0: Update to 3.24.4+a0129f55
  - gtk+-unix-print-*.0: Fix PrintJob.get_page_ranges(),
  - gobject-2.0: Add SignalHandler.disconnect_by_data()
  - poppler-glib: Update to 0.74

Vala 0.40.13
 * Various improvements and bug fixes:
  - codegen:
    + Use temp-var for MethodCall with out/ref arguments (#722)
    + Use temp-vars for ellipsis out-arguments to fix memory management (#722)
    + Add default_value for CType to initialize variables if needed (#724)
    + Cast instance parameter for property access in object-initializer
    + Don't check boolean values for (in)equality in GTask API (#726)
    + Properly set annotations field of GDBus*Info struct to NULL
    + Cast instance and result of g_async_initable_new_finish() call
    + Use a parameter-map for creation of delegate declaration [#728]
    + Emit struct declaration typedef before resolving its fields [#318]
    + Don't apply address-of operator on literals when casting to array
  - vala: Report invalid instance member access to property (#605)
  - girparser: Async methods don't allow out-parameters before in-parameters
  - libvaladoc: Build backing Vala.SourceFile for GIRs processed by importer
  - libvaladoc/girimporter: Skip "source-position" elements
  - valadoc: Specify that the "--driver" option is deprecated [#736]
  - compiler: Report deprecated command-line option "--thread"
  - build: Don't leak libvalaccode symbols to libvaladoc
  - Add a basic CONTRIBUTING.md file that links to the relevant Wiki page
  - tests: Fix try_parse() tests to not compare to already free'd memory

 * Bindings:
  - clutter-1.0: Fix BindingPool.override_action()
  - gdk-3.0,gtk+-3.0: Update to 3.24.3+9c8f1478
  - glib-2.0: Use correct array-length-type for returned arrays (#171)
  - gio-2.0: Fix File.replace_contents_bytes_async() (!37)
  - gobject-2.0: Minor syncing from GIR
  - gobject-2.0: Use correct array-length-type for returned arrays
  - gtk+-4.0: Update to 3.94.0+9b15c690
  - libsoup-2.4: Fix Message.add_*_handler() [#731]
  - sqlite3: Correct return C type of Statement.column_text & Value.to_text

Vala 0.40.12
 * Various improvements and bug fixes:
  - codegen:
    + Fix method pointer cast if instance isn't at first position
    + Transfer ownership of compact class to DestroysInstance method [#645]
    + Make sure to include declarations for delegate typed parameters
    + Don't emit type_id for enum in non GOBJECT profile
    + Don't emit unused temp variable for element access assignments
    + Actually create method cast for base interface method as needed
    + Mark needle parameter of internal array-contains methods as const [#504]
    + Emit initializer for enum-value into wanted declaration space [#167]
    + Add void to delegate typedef declarations without parameters
    + Emit delegate/enum typedefs to type-declaration section [#318]
    + Always emit constants with initializer-list [#81]
    + Handle non-default AsyncResult parameter position [#709]
  - vala:
    + Copy instance_pos argument from virtual/abstract base methods [#540483]
    + Compact classes don't allow private/class fields and to lock fields
    + Use comment which was already retrieved in parse_declaration()
    + Add missing re-check guards for Do/For/WhileStatement and SwitchLabel
    + Type check for errors require an error expression [#362]
    + Make check_arguments() more verbose and don't bail on first error [#438]
    + Don't emit member access of assignments on static properties [#573]
    + Use clearer error message for automatic properties in interfaces [#656]
    + Break possible endless loop in SymbolResolver.get_type_for_struct() [#444]
  - girwriter: Write glib-type attributes for Enums/Structs with type_id
  - girparser: Skip "source-position" elements and docs in transparent union
  - valadoc:
    + Match property signature with vala's codewriter
    + Sort symbols and members where possible
    + Actually assign type_id of Api.Structs
    + Add type_id to Api.Enum/Interface
    + Skip package dependency if target directory already exists
    + Fix a few errors and warnings in stylesheet
    + Adjust stylesheet to unbreak Epiphany [#644]
  - docs: Use Markdown for README and include build instructions
  - testrunner: Pass buildsystem's CC through to valac

 * Bindings:
  - gio-2.0: Add missing File.new_build_filename()
  - glib-2.0: Add missing Array.set_clear_func() binding
  - glib-2.0: Avoid double-free in GLib.Array if clear_func is set
  - glib-2.0: Add GLib.pointer aka gpointer binding
  - gobject-2.0: Attribute all symbols with cheader_filename = "glib-object.h"
  - gobject-introspection-1.0: Pick up version attribute fixes
  - gdk-x11-3.0,gtk+-3.0: Update to 3.24.2+eb821cb8
  - gtk+-4.0: Update to 3.94.0+a99bd2a4
  - poppler-glib: Update to 0.71

Vala 0.40.11
 * Various improvements and bug fixes:
  - codegen:
    + Initialize internal temp-variables used as reference parameter
    + Improve ccode for fixed-length array parameters (#163)
    + Fix regex literal compile flags
    + Add prototype for *_register_type() function
    + Don't emit *_free() of derived compact classes
    + Add prototype for *_new() of abstact compact classes
  - girwriter: Fix ctype of out/ref and array parameters
  - ccode: Fix typo and actually check "end_decls" (#672)
  - abstract syntax tree:
    + Always analyze nodes after they are inserted into the AST
    + Add source_reference to local variable of catch-clause
    + Add missing replace_expression() implementations
    + Fix several construction/parenting issues
    + DataType for GLib.Error should be should resolved as ErrorType
  - testrunner: Reset $run_prefix before generating next test script
  - build: Unconditionally add conditional VALAFLAGS to make bootstrap
  - manual: Update from wiki.gnome.org

 * Bindings:
  - glib-2.0: Computing length once is enough in string.to_utf8()/splice()
  - glib-2.0: Add binding for g_test_add()
  - glib-2.0: Add array length to string.skip (#695)
  - gio-2.0: Result of DBusMessage.get_header() is unowned
  - gobject-2.0,gtk+-*.0: Fix some GLib.Value out/ref parameters
  - gtk+-4.0: Update to 3.94.0+b4b30b49

Vala 0.40.10
 * Various improvements and bug fixes:
  - codewriter: Prepend "yield" if is_yield_expression is set on
    MethodCall and ObjectCreationExpression
  - codegen: Fix typo in is_pure_ccode_expression() [#673]
  - gobject-introspection: Fix use after free in scanner [#674]
  - vala: Check if ArrayType supports its given element-type in analyzer pass
  - valadoc: Fix some string escaping which gettext complains about

 * Bindings:
  - Update GIDL-based bindings to fix unsupported type-arguments
  - Add gnome-desktop-3.0 bindings [#668]
  - glib-2.0: Add feature_test_macro details for Time struct's methods
  - glib-2.0: Set DateTime.now () to use local time zone as the default
  - gstreamer: Cherry-pick some fixes from 0.42
  - gtk+-3.0: Update to 3.24.0
  - gtk+-4.0: Update to 3.94.0+d90e2733
  - libxml-2.0: Add missing context parameter in OutputWriteCallback
  - pango: Update to 1.42.3
  - x11: Add binding for XCreateSimpleWindow

Vala 0.40.9
 * Various improvements and bug fixes:
  - girparser: Actually resolve type-arguments to be able to box them if needed
  - girparser: Handle unsupported aliases which could not be fully processed
  - codegen: Free errors after returning them on GDBusMethodInvocation [#657]
  - codegen: Fix invocation of abstract/virtual methods with NoWrapper in
    compact classes
  - vala: Allow read-only properties
  - manual: Update from wiki.gnome.org

 * Bindings:
  - glib-2.0: Add Array.remove*() wrapper to avoid leaking generic elements
  - glib-2.0: Add (u)long.parse/try_parse() and float.parse/try_parse() [#649]
  - glib-2.0: Add return-type of Queue.remove*(), add HashTable.foreach_steal()
  - gtk+-3.0: Update to 3.23.2+6b6e53fd
  - gtk+-4.0: Update to 3.94.0+4e868584
  - webkit2gtk-4.0: Update to 2.20.5

 * Affects all valac reverse-dependency on buildtime

[Test Case]
 * Mass-rebuild of rdepends can be found here

[Regression Potential]
 * Not immediately while it requires an rdepend rebuild to manifest.

[Other Info]
 * Regular upstream maintenance releases are likely to happen every 1-2 months

summary: - [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.11
+ [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.11 in bionic
summary: - [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.11 in bionic
+ [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.12 in bionic
description: updated
summary: - [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.12 in bionic
+ [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.13 in bionic
description: updated
description: updated
Changed in vala (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → Low
tags: added: upgrade-software-version
Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) on 2019-02-07
tags: added: rls-bb-incoming

Updating to current bugfix version is worth doing, that's not a rls goal/something the desktop team was to own though, tagging rls-bb-notfixing (it doesn't prevent the SRU to be worked on still)

tags: added: rls-bb-notfixing
removed: rls-bb-incoming
Changed in vala (Ubuntu):
status: New → Fix Released
Changed in vala (Ubuntu Bionic):
importance: Undecided → Low
description: updated
summary: - [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.13 in bionic
+ [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.14 in bionic
description: updated
summary: - [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.14 in bionic
+ [SRU] Update to vala 0.40.15 in bionic
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in vala (Ubuntu Bionic):
status: New → Confirmed
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