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Bug #1804417: runuser doesn't authenticate PAM modules Undecided New 262 weeks
Bug #1487679: Breaking ordering cycle by deleting job NetworkManager.service/start Undecided Confirmed 396 weeks
Bug #1319655: getopt example in docs incorrectly implies /bin/sh may not be used (PATCH) Low Confirmed 498 weeks

From: jimav
Link: patch.txt

Bug #1072147: _netdev and no_netdev options missing from manpage for fstab(5) Undecided New 579 weeks
Bug #902628: Clarify man page description of -f option (patch attached) Low Triaged 625 weeks
Bug #712614: getty can't execute a login program with arguments Wishlist Confirmed 660 weeks
Bug #726283: umount segfaults with inconsistent entry in /etc/fstab Undecided Confirmed 666 weeks
Bug #712892: mount (silently) ignores options for bind mounts Medium Triaged 669 weeks
Bug #521677: /usr/bin/rename.ul not in rename alternatives list Wishlist Triaged 720 weeks
Bug #264967: /usr/bin/script doesn't wait for command to finish before exiting Undecided Confirmed 795 weeks
Bug #99437: umount: mount disagrees with the fstab Undecided Confirmed 866 weeks
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