Comment 22 for bug 1722313

Joy Latten (j-latten) wrote :

Summary of analysis of the autopkgtest failures listed for his SRU in

For Artful regressions:

1. dpdk (s390x), ocfs2-tools (s390x), lxcfs(s390x), ori(s390x), network-manager(s390x), lxd(s390x)
These all have failing testcases that were skipped in prior version of util-linux. The same reason stated in comment #21 above may be applicable here as well.

2. network-manager(ppc64el) - has had 2 runs. In one run, test_wpa1_ip4 fails, test_rfkill pass. In the other run, test_wpa1_ip4 pass and test_rfkill fail. A timeout results in the failure. Seems testcases do pass for this version of util-linux but sensitive current workload maybe...

3. gnocchi(all platforms) - further investigating.

4. libdata-uuid-libuuid-perl(s390x) - might be to the change in test environment such as #1.

5. tracker(arm64) - further investigation. no prior run to compare with.

6. nplan(arm64) - further investigation. no prior run to compare with.