Comment 5 for bug 1044111

I'm not sure whether to update this bug or:
- bug 155047
- bug 1029149
as I suspect they are really all duplicates as they suffer the symptoms of this blkid bug.

I have been struggling to install LXLE 12.04.5 because of this bug. gparted sits on "Scanning all devices..." for over 20 minutes every time a change is made in gparted.

The problem is made worse by the Sony PCG-FX201 laptop not having any option in the BIOS to say there is no floppy drive. My workaround was to put the floppy drive back in the laptop (one can either plug in the floppy drive, a 2nd battery, or a weight-saver).

On installing the floppy drive, gparted continues and then works normally. (No floppy disk is required.)

It is caused by sudo blkid pausing for ages (appearing to hang) when there is no floppy drive but responds instantly when it is installed.

I don't think blkid should hang when a drive is absent.

util-linux 2.20.1-1ubuntu3.1
libparted 2.3
GParted 0.18.0 0.18.0-1~getdeb1
LXLE 12.04.5 LTS