Comment 33 for bug 317775 (fatal) wrote :

Same trouble. usplash-0.5.31. Jaunty x86_64.

It is not necessary to disable usplash: you may only switch to another tty when shutting down/rebooting (ctrl+alt+F1, .i.e) and everything go smooth, computer shuts down/reboots with no errors.

When you don't disable usplash (even in splash=verbose mode) the computer is stuck at the step "Attepmting to kill the rest of applications" or smth like that, fails, says that the "/ is busy" and shows message: "Will halt (reboot) now" and stays freezed.

Downgrading of usplash package didn't help. So, I think, the problem is compatibility of usplash and Jaunty.

Any workaround (except usplash uninstallation/setting inactive) is highly appreciated.