Comment 9 for bug 935230

Emanuele Sottocorno (sotema) wrote :

Hi Mathieu,

after your last ppa version i was feeling something strange. So i tried today with a different device, K4510, from Vodafone/Huawei.
Few seconds after it was plugged in the Unlock password request showed up and the device unlocked correctly. I was able to surf the net. The only minimal problem (i relly don't consider it is a problem) is that the device isn't automatically unlocked, even i set the flag to do it.
I saved the usb log from this device and, surprise, i got the identical error:
 idVendor doesn't match the expected value. ('12d1' != '12d1')
   Target config not matching - current values are:
 idVendor: 12d1
 idProduct: 14cb
 manufacturer: Vodafone Group (Huawei)
 product: Vodafone Mobile Broadband (Huawei)
 bNumConfigurations: 1
Mode switching may have failed. Exiting
Into attached syslogs you can see that the k4605 is not connected to any tty.
Hope this can help.