Comment 19 for bug 722019

Marcel Krause (mk.pmb) wrote :

I'm trying to install Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (trusty). With UNetBootin I managed to install it in a semi-broken way (freezes shorty after local user login), so I try and use that to re-create a Live USB. So effectively, I'm using
 * usb-creator-gtk=
 * on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (trusty)
 * via SSH and X-Forwarding (avoiding local user login)
to create a Live USB from ubuntu-14.04.3-trusty-desktop-i386.iso.
For speculative cargo-cult I also installed mbr=1.1.11-5.

Still it fails to install the bootloader.

I noticed that after UCG quit, the squashfs and the USB disk were still mounted. The latter could be a reason to scare boot loader installers.

Whatever the reason is, please
 * display the reason if it can be detected,
 * offer to open a shell in the same environment that the boot loader installer would run,
 * offer to retry installing it.

I'll even try and help patching as soon as you provide a git proxy to your repos.