Comment 14 for bug 600359

Ricardo Salveti (rsalveti) wrote :

It's is a problem as it's showing this ugly message at the boot, never generates the pack and it usually takes other process with it (before OOM kills ureadahead).

The problem that was fixed regarding the size of tracing buffer is not related with this bug, it's just writing back the old values after running ureadahead.

And I did run ureadahead with different buffer sizes with bootchart (with values that it could generate the pack file), and the result is irrelevant, ureadahead doesn't make a difference here, and that's why we should just skip running it this way.

If you have a ureadahead rewrite that could fix this bug than OK, but I would say it would be good to test it first on this kind of systems, and testing with bootchart to see if it's relevant or not.