Comment 31 for bug 484677

About my fstab: I got three entries which are not mounted during startup,
but are mounted automatically using this script:
Actually, two are sshfs and one is a samba share mounted using cifs. I guess
those entries are causing the errors here. Furtermore, I got three ntfs-3g
shares, one swap and two ext4 (/home and /).

Which other bug reports are related to this one? I see several people
mentioning other threads, but no one is actually marked as the actual source
of this problem.

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 17:46, jordanwb <email address hidden> wrote:

> If you add "profile" to your kernel params, ureadahead will create pack
> files for the mounted volumes. These errors do not show on the
> subsequent boot does but it does on following boots.
> --
> init: ureadahead-other main process terminated with status 4
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