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Bug #1235245: upstart-monitor cannot run without gtk libraries installed Undecided Confirmed 211 weeks

From: Jari Turkia
Link: upstart-monitor.cli.patch


Bug #1627613: enable android adbd properly in systemd Undecided New 270 weeks

From: You-Sheng Yang
Link: 0001-install-systemd-service-files.patch


Bug #1435492: Xsession.d script assumes that /sbin is in $PATH Medium Confirmed 348 weeks

From: Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Link: upstart-diff-file2.patch


Bug #1430403: [SRU] ubuntu-touch livefs builds kill upstart in host High In Progress 351 weeks

From: James Hunt
Link: upstart-bug-1430403.diff


Bug #1392637: Cannot boot with newly installed systemd if /tmp/ is filled with files Undecided New 352 weeks

From: Didier Roche
Link: 0001-Add-systemd-emergency-tmpfs-to-force-tmpfs-on-tmp.patch


Bug #981461: Network interfaces are not correctly brought down on halt, disrupting Wake-on-LAN Undecided Confirmed 492 weeks

From: Unai Uribarri
Link: halt.diff

This patch fixes the handling of NETDOWN variable in /etc/init.d/halt. Since upstart doesn't implement halt -i, do it in the shell script.

Bug #467000: insserv doesn't work with upstart Undecided Confirmed 559 weeks

From: Tim Hawes
Link: upstart-job.patch


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