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Bug #1235245: upstart-monitor cannot run without gtk libraries installed Undecided Confirmed 271 weeks
Bug #1627613: enable android adbd properly in systemd Undecided New 331 weeks
Bug #1435492: Xsession.d script assumes that /sbin is in $PATH Medium Confirmed 408 weeks
Bug #1430403: [SRU] ubuntu-touch livefs builds kill upstart in host High In Progress 412 weeks
Bug #1392637: Cannot boot with newly installed systemd if /tmp/ is filled with files Undecided New 413 weeks
Bug #981461: Network interfaces are not correctly brought down on halt, disrupting Wake-on-LAN Undecided Confirmed 553 weeks
Bug #467000: insserv doesn't work with upstart Undecided Confirmed 620 weeks
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