Comment 25 for bug 950662

taj (othertaj) wrote :

Dear Clint,

You are right. This is not an nm-applet issue, nm-applet not showing up was an indicator of the problem.

It is however an upstart issue that happens with a fresh install as I described in #22. I had not touched /etc/network/interfaces, its settings were generated during system install, I guess.

The "waiting for network" message on bootup problem started after I removed the ethernet cable to boot with only wifi. After that even booting with ethernet cable gave the message and waiting time, though I was able to use my network connection after being logged in. This issue seems pretty similar to the bug description. The issue lasted until I decided to remove all network interfaces from /etc/network/interfaces, except the loopback interface (#23).

Anyway, for me the #23 workaround works (and after a while it even shows available wifi networks). Maybe for others, too.