Comment 67 for bug 881079

Craig (craig-tait) wrote :

In regards to your last comment Steve resorting to having to use network manager to resolve the problem is not a viable or root cause fix. The other issue in using network manager is that it is not applicable when vlans are being used.

Since upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10 and onwards I too have been faced with a myriad of frustrating problems during boot time. For one I would like to completley disable the windows like mentallity of polling and attempting to auto enable network interfaces.

often VLAN's are dropped out and on almost all occasions there is a 2 minute delay even though the VLANs are staticlly set and assigned int he interfaces file.

Sure its good to have the option remain as it is for the average user (I do see the advantages) but for many of us, we thrive on unix/linux due to its awesome capabilites, resiliant, high speed networking stack. And my gosh, this issue, from an oustisde perspective really does bring a sad face to many!!!

there are 15 variations of connection instances on my particular mini mobile pc, such as;

usb teather to android 3g
wirless teather to 3g
wireless access point device
wireless client (multiple configurations)
USB eth10/100 & usb 1GB + multiple VLANS
a physical 1gb eth interface + multiple VLANS
sometimes some of the interfaces are static other times they are dhcp client
vmware network bridging to a variation of interface and location scenarios

All of these configuration are mixed in different scenarios depending on my location and purpose at the time.

I want to boot direct with no network and fire the appropriate script the sets the interfaces file up and starts the networks as desired, along with mounting, vmware, nfs and cifs mappings.

Ubuntu rocks, I love it, but this network boot delay pains me no end :) Especially when there are also 5-6 vmguests each with the same delays!!!

I only mentioned the scenarios above to give a picture of users that do not fall into a common category, please dont let this wonderful OS fall into the Windows trap of frustration.

Is there a permenant solution to disable the network delay timer???