Comment 8 for bug 829980

James Hunt (jamesodhunt) wrote :

The attached test job config file logs the first 10 "power_supply-device-added" events emitted to /run/initramfs/bug-829980.log. To use it:

1) sudo stop upstart-udev-bridge
2) Plonk the attached bug-829980.conf into /etc/init/.
3) Reboot with the battery attached.

If /run/initramfs/bug-829980.log contains >1 entry, the bug is with udev or the kernel. If the file is not generated, please look at /var/log/udev to see if the udev "power_supply" event was emitted:

awk 'BEGIN{RS="";ORS="\n\n"}; /ACTION=add/ && /SUBSYSTEM=power_supply/ { print; }' /var/log/udev