Comment 6 for bug 68904

Dear Scott et al.:

Adding the CONFIG_INOTIFY flag to my kernel fixed this problem.
Wonderful. upstart and dependent packages are now install on my system.

This leads to another question. Perhaps I am the only one of millions
of Unbuntu/Edgy users who likes to build my own kernel, but this seems
incredible to me. I like a "lean" kernel with only what is necessary
and only the proprietary drivers loaded as drivers (nvidia, vmware). I
have been maintaining my linux systems for years this way long before
Ubuntu was even thought of. I would like to continue to do this. I
have two Ubuntu desktops and 3 Debian/stable servers I maintain in this

Exclusive of the hardware drivers required, is there a list of kernel
flag options that Ubuntu expects to be active that I can reference to
make sure I am using all that Ubuntu has to offer ? (such as this one

Thanks for you help ! It is fixed and this bug can be removed.

On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 12:58 +0000, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> Yes, I'm afraid that it's important that your system is reverted to the
> non-working state for us to find out what's wrong. So far, you are the
> only person with this problem out of the millions of people who are now
> running edgy; so we need to figure out what's special about your system
> and fix things.
> Does upstart literally not print anything? You don't see a line
> beginning "init:" ? I would really appreciate a photo of the screen at
> that point, there may be something really important on the screen at
> that point that you've missed, or the lack of something important may be
> what tells me what's wrong.
> There won't be anything in /var/log, at that point the system hasn't
> booted so the filesystem isn't writable. We need to debug this the old
> fashioned way I'm afraid.
> One thing I noticed in your kernel config:
> # CONFIG_INOTIFY is not set
> Could you try building a kernel with inotify support?
> I have a feeling that the failure to configure an inotify watch may
> cause configuration files to not get parsed!
> ** Summary changed:
> - upstart causes hang on boot
> + upstart causes hang on boot (possible inotify)
James D. Freels, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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