Comment 3 for bug 542666

Micheal Waltz (ecliptik) wrote :

Same problem here. Removed plymout,h but upon boot it's strangely quiet. We have a custom script that runs from /etc/init.d/ that normally is quite noisy about what's it's doing, but with 10.04 it boots to login without a peep, even though the script is running in the background.

I understand having quiet boot is good for desktops and splash screens, but for ubuntu-server it would be nice to have it by default do a traditional sequential init script boot. Is there an upstart option for sequential and verbose booting?

I realize we could re-write the script to work with upstart, but the documentation for this doesn't seem finished and I haven't had much luck finding good examples online. Not to mention the amount of time and resources needed to re-write tried and true init.d scripts.