Comment 13 for bug 40189

Reproduced on Ibex (8.10), none of the above proposed workarounds solved the issue.

The reason the above workarounds did not solve my issue was that my home directory was mounted via autofs, so something like a script run by NetworkManager, which requires a login, will not do the trick. I'm not sure why the /etc/network/*.d/ scripts didn't do it. I had to create an init script (attached).

Since the autofs-bump init script is a hack, I didn't know how to enter it with update-rc.d ... here's how to do it manually:

sudo -s
cp etc_init.d_autofs-bump /etc/init.d/autofs-bump
chmod 755 /etc/init.d/autofs-bump
cd /etc
for L in 2 3 4 5; do
  cd rc$L.d
  ln -s ../init.d/autofs-bump S99autofs-bump
  cd -